Services and Solutions

Scitus Development offers assistance, consultancy and development to help our customers find the most cost-effective technological solutions to serve their needs. Our specialised services include:

Implementation and configuration of Geographic Information Systems
Scitus Development is an excellent partner for providing efficient and productive open-source GIS solutions for both the private as well as the public sector. Our services can vary from consultancy and deployment to productive development of GIS software. Read more about it here.
Customisation and implementation of Open-Source based solutions
Our development methodology and philosophy of choice is Open-Source. Because of our familiarity with this field, we are able to suit your particular needs in the most cost-effective manner possible. Choosing existing Open-Source technologies that are most suitable for your end goals, we can modify, extend, customise, deploy and configure these further to produce exactly what you need! In other words, we make Open Source work for you.
Data Management and Database Development
Many years of training and commercial experience has made us at Scitus Development masters of the art of Database Development. By using advanced and scientificly correct Database designing methodologies, we are able make to make the most optimal Database models that meet your specific data needs and implement them with your software of choice. Furthermore, we are able to improve and optimise existing databases and provide technical assistance with all commonly used Database Management Systems.
Custom Business Applications
Can your business run more efficiently? Are there workflows and data processing tasks that can be more automated? We believe the answer is most likely "Yes"! We can reduce your costs dramatically and make your business or organisation run more efficiently, smoothly and effectively. We do this by looking at your particular needs and questions, the particularities of your business or organisation and create software solutions that work for you.
Reliable Communication
We respond immediately to all our incoming emails, so you know we are always available whenever you encounter a problem or a question. You can count on us for clarity and reliability in all our communication and planning with our customers.